We’re growing an Environmental Justice Network for Vermont!

About the Vermont Environmental Justice (VT-EJ) Network

The VT-EJ Network will bridge overburdened community members with decision-makers at the state and local level, fostering relationships and creating continuity between communities and government, increasing accessibility of information and resources, and supporting context-sensitive communication. Long term, the Network strengthens communities’ ability to equitably distribute environmental burdens and benefits.

The VT-EJ Network will:

  • Create opportunities to connect and communicate in an adaptive, emergent network of ties among environmental and social justice organizations;
  • Value multiple perspectives, robust group participation, mobilization and engagement over time;
  • Provide stipends for Network Liaisons; and
  • Cultivate leadership in communities.

By creating and strengthening active community-to-community and community-agency relationships now, communities will be better connected, informed and more resilient.

Want to become involved? Sign up below to receive updates, and check back soon for more information about Vermont’s emerging EJ Network!

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