COVID-19 Response

This pandemic reminds us that communities bearing the biggest environmental burdens are the most at risk. COVID-19 is a virus, but unjust systems are the true disease. Read below to find out how REJOICE is responding, where we see this public health crisis in the context of environmental justice, and important resources for creating the world we want to see.

Pivoting in reaction to this public health crisis, we have shifted our tactics and timeline, while continuing to center justice and equity. We now plan to host six to eight compensated focus groups with the above-listed marginalized communities. Beginning in April of 2020, we will reach out to community leaders who will co-design and co-facilitate these focus groups with us. We will begin hosting these virtual conversations in June of 2020, striving to reach the targeted communities by the end of August 2020. 

Coronavirus is not just a health crisis: It’s an environmental justice crisis

by Yvette Cabrera of the Mother Jones Climate Research Desk

Justice in the time of two crises: COVID and climate change

Read the English version here.

Scientist Sacoby Wilson on environmental injustices and COVID-19 resiliency.

Interview by Katherine Bagley of Yale 360

Multilingual COVID-19 Resources

From the website for New Americans in Vermont

Safety guidelines for getting back to work

From the Vermont Department of Labor

A People’s Response to COVID: For Vermont and Beyond

Justice-focused demands from grassroots organizations and community members across the state. Click the link to sign on!

Ten equity implications of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in the United States

The imperative for civil rights advocacy, monitoring, and enforcement from the NAACP

New data shows Covid-19 racial disparities in Vermont

by Grace Elletson of the VT Digger

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